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The cross symbol has been with us for centuries. It is ostensibly used as a sign of Christianity, beginning of course when Christ was put to the cross by the Romans. The cross is now instantly recognised at a sign of faith and loyalty.
There is of course the cross and the crucifix and they are thought of in different terms. The cross today is used extensively in the world of fashion and jewelry and silver cross charms, pendants and earrings are in every collection. The crucifix is the sign of the crucifixion which is the form of Jesus on the Cross and is accepted as a religious representation. But even before Christianity adopted the sign of the cross as it's symbol and we began to use it in everyday life, it had symbolic representation in other times, cultures and other countries. Even in pre-historic times the cross was used to represent either a tradition or used in primitive ceremonies.

  • The Symbol of the Cross In a long line of varied meanings the cross has at one time or another represented life, fertility, health and immortality. The cross is a representation of the human form and also indicative of North, South, East and West with it's four 'fingers' pointing towards each direction. The number 4 is significant in that there are the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and that there are 4 elements air, earth, fire and water.

  • A Coordinate for Life There have been many interpretations of the cross. One of the most spiritual is that it is in some way, a coordinate for life, explained by the crossing of the two lines which make up the form. It is thought that where the lines cross represents a place in time or space and can be used as a guide to the secrets of the human existence.

  • World Wide Recognition Centuries before it became a symbol of Christianity, it was used by various cultures in many countries and within all cultures it has been employed in some form or another, whether for decoration of for more meaningful symbolism.. It has been documented as far back as the Bronze Age, carved in rocks and used in ancient jewelry design, so the cross is extremely significant in the progression of human traditions and ceremonies. Today we use the cross in just about every area of life, in religion, fashion, art and jewelry and the silver cross charm is as popular today as it has ever been.

Silver charms are now available from many sites online, try and avoid what they call Tibetan silver as its very low quality and will leave black marks everywhere, the main ingredient being tin. Look for high quality, Sterling silver must be at least 92.5% silver, usually marked as 925.
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